2021 February

Specialized Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Each year I take classes I hope will benefit YOU. Typically I seek training to enhance and grow what I already know.

There is a lot of merit in
going deeper rather than wider

I don’t steer away from learning new techniques for they make great and dynamic sessions. I just find that honing skills I already have offers more in the way of therapeutically addressing pain and soft tissue restriction.

Why I am learning this

1. I have found that 30-40% of service inquiries are related to the need to drain the chest cavity – cancer patients, acute detox clients, and those with lymphedema for example. I spoke at length with a lady yesterday who called and worked today with a client on that very thing.

2. Very few therapists are certified in lymphatic drainage in this area

3. No lymph therapists in this area have this specialization.

Who can get this Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatment?

1. Healthy clients – male and female – who have never learned how to examine, evaluate, benchmark, and massage breast/chest tissue.

2. Clients with concerns regarding drainage of that area (ie – lymph node-ectomy, mastectomy, lymphedema, oncology/cancer, pre-post-op reductions/augmentations, male chest lipo pre- and post-op, those heavily detoxing from lyme, implant removal, etc).

When I return from the course I will have much more to share regarding this type of bodywork. I will be in training the first week of February in North Carolina.

Of course, I welcome questions and inquiries.
Stay tuned.

Be Well,

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