2021 January

Are you ready for something different?

Do you create bucket list for the year?

I have always been a list maker – if not on paper, definitely in my head. I try to have a goal for the next day in my head before I close my eyes for the night pretty much every day.

And when I hit the new year I usually have a list of goals for the new year. So what is on my list or 2021? Well…
1. One planned day each month volunteering for Osceola History
2. Crochet a poncho that I have wanted to make for the last 2-3 years (I just have to find that  pattern now…I know I have it somewhere!)
3. Fine-tune some drip irrigation in the garden.
4. Continue maintaining my new weight.
5. Upcycle about 20 old massage sheets into crocheted bath mats. I have found that one single flat sheet makes one perfectly sized bath mat.

So what is on your list? I’d love to hear.

Blessings on your New year!

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