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I try to stay ahead of the game! When it comes to therapeutic bodywork, I think of it as something that I WANT to experience, not something that I HAVE to buy because my health is on the line or because I am trying to manage pain. I look forward to my time on the table. I schedule it! Clients ask me all of the time how often I get bodywork and I am glad to tell them that I get bodywork at least three times each month and often once a week.

When I go for massage, I think of the experience in the same way that I think of getting my taxes done – I take my paperwork in to a certified accountant and they take care of the rest. I do not have a seat and start telling them how to fill in my our return! Likewise, I tell my therapist what is going on and then trust they will use their professional training to address that need.

I have many different ways to address client concerns and I don’t know which is best until they get on the table and I check the tissues. And I don’t expect clients to know which kind of treatment is best for them. Actually, what is best is usually a combination of five or six different things!

WATCH:  One question I never ask is “Do you want deep tissue?”

In my opinion, the termonology ‘deep tissue’ is over-used, misunderstood, and completely inconsequential to an effective treatment. The depth of the treatment does not relegate its efficacy…ever…no matter how long the knot has been there, no matter how the knot got there, or no matter how great ‘bone marrow massage’ feels to the person in the table!

The depth of massage, in my opinion, is 100% based on how an individual’s tissues respond to the work they are receiving and the if the tissues NEED it. (Being drenched with water feels wonderful on hot summer day, but not in the middle of the night while you are sleeping, right?)  ‘Deep tissue’ done at the wrong time and in the wrong place is not helpful either; it is traumatic to the body and, when all is said and done, can leave a person really sore.  Some tissue responds famously with deep work while other tissue blocks deep work pushing a therapist’s hands out.  Worse yet, it can get damaged under the pressure!  Someone might say, “Well I like the sore feeling the next day.” And my response is, “Then you need to look into boxing. The point of massage is to instill and support health, not leave you feeling like you have been in the ring.”

What I do is all based on what I feel. Learning how to feel is what massage therapist’s are trained to do.  I care deeply for the health of people’s bodies. I have been trained to feel the ‘tonicity’ of muscle tissue.  As I work I ebb in or out based on what I feel and switch what techniques I use based on that too. That is why I do not have 15 different treatment options listed on my “Services” page. Every therapeutic bodywork session is unique to that day and to what symptoms a client has that day. Be assured that your concerns will be heard and addressed in the most professionally thorough way possible.

Because many clients come to me because of injury or chronic, diagnosed pain, I try to work with them on an individual basis so they can take advantage insurance benefits. With proper documentation from your doctor, I have insurance forms that you can submit should you fall into this category. So ‘Yes,’ I take insurance. Please contact me for more details.

And I look forward to helping you get out of pain!

Training And Background

Graduate of Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, Monica entered into the massage therapy field after a successful 10 year teaching career and after serving 8 years in the United States Army.  Offering special family pricing, Monica encourages parents to bring children in for treatment.   They need it too!  Monica is motivated to maintain high credentials and committed to provide the best in massage therapy and its various modalities for Central Florida.

Monica is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Florida. She holds certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and as an Infant Massage Teacher offering Parent Training in massage techniques most beneficial for infants.  Monica is member of the International Alliance of Health Practitioners and the Florida State Massage Therapy Association as well as a past member of their Sports Massage Team. She offers adult and pediatric therapeutic massage, manual lymphatic drainage, water therapy, kinesiotaping, ionic detox foot baths, and ear candling to her clients. She incorporates Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish Massage, visceral manipulation, and essential oil into massages based on client need.

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