Body Brushing / Dry Skin Brushing

The simple technique of body brushing has been around for hundreds of years.  It effectively stimulates blood flow, exfoliates skin, and encourages new cell growth.  It can also speed healing after surgery because it brings oxygen-rich blood and nutrients right to the surface of the skin.  This has a wonderful potential to decrease scar formation.  Look for these benefits when it is used regularly:

  • natural energizer
  • decrease in water retention
  • detoxification
  • exfoliation
  • faster healing (bruises, incisions)
  • boosted immunity
  • adjusts the appearance of cellulite

A few things to remember before starting:

  1.  When doing the following protocols, make sure that your brush strokes always go towards the heart.  You never want to brush down the arm toward the finger, for example, but rather brush from the fingernails into the armpit.
  2. Follow the diagrams below and go the way the arrows are pointing.
  3. Graze the brush over the skin.  Do not push or press into the skin.  The lymph system sits right under the skin and pressure bends the vessels and prohibits fluid flow.
  4. Doing this in bed with the legs up and without a bolster under the knees is best.  (No need to fight gravity.)
  5. Drink 16 oz of water before and after you brush.
  6. Make sure your brush is on the soft side and has natural bristles.
  7. If you have a willing partner, consider brushing them and then having them brush you.  It is much easier to relax  if you do it that way.

Facial Protocol

Body Protocol

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