Cancer and Aromatherapy Options

Oils Work for Cancer Patient Despite Resistance to Using Them

by Keith Bartholomew

Surviving the Assault of Allopathy

My Dad has had prostate cancer off and on for the last 25 years. They have given him chemo and radiation a number of times and in a number of different ways and have been able to put it into remission for a period of time. Each time the cancer has come back more quickly. This last time when the cancer came back my Parents had to look for a doctor that would help, because most all of them told my Dad he had had all the radiation and chemo his body could stand. During this time they overdosed him twice. Once it was bad enough for them to call the family together because they did not feel he would make it. He was 85 the end of March 2009.

For the last 15 or so years, as long as I’ve been in YL oils, I have asked for him to try the oils, and he has always refused, saying, “They stink.

Toward the end of last summer my Dad s PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) count started to climb. They finally found a new doctor who told them there was a new type of radiation treatment they could try. They tried it. It did not work, and his count continued its upward climb. A CAT scan showed the cancer had moved to the bones.

Only Two Months to Live?

From November to December 2008, the PSA jumped from 83 to 238. (Normal PSA levels are less than 10.) The doctor told him he had had all the treatments his body could stand. Another doctor told him that when his Dad s count went that high, “He only lasted 2 months.” The doctors also put him on some drug that was making him sick and giving him sores all over his face that wouldn t heal. He quit using the drugs, but the sores would not heal or go away.

A Green Light At Last

Toward the end of December 2008 my parents came and asked if there was anything I could do to extend his life. I told him that I couldn t guarantee anything, but I knew of a number of oils that had been used successfully in fighting cancer. He gave me a green light.

At different conventions I have heard Gary talk about using oils to fight cancer. In Ecuador last spring he told of a man with advanced prostate cancer that had walked away from his clinic cancer free. These stories helped give me confidence. With the help of Nancy Sanderson within a week we had come up with a plan of suggestions.

I explained to my folks that cancer was an aggressive disease, and that to fight it they would have to be just as aggressive as the disease or even more so.

My first goal was to build/help the immune system. After all the chemicals he has taken I suggested he take some Inner Defense capsules twice daily. (Note: Inner Defense is an oil blend of Clove, Cinnamon, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, and Citronella in an Olive Oil Base, available in capsules from Young Living.)

From my studies I felt that the next step was to try to lower the Acidity level. I suggested he drink Ninga Red three times a day, Alkalime at bedtime, and to stay away from sugars and meat, especially red meat. Being Christmas time he wasn t so sure about the food restrictions. I told him that moderation was better than eating a lot of anything and he agreed to try.

Two-Week Rotation Cancer Protocol

Last, but most important, the oils. I suggested a rotation of six oils over a two week period. They used Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Ledum for three days. The next 3 days they used Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Lavender. Then Frankincense, Sandalwood and Tsuga for the next 3 days followed by Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Clove. The last two days they used Sandalwood and cloves. At the end of the two week period they started the rotation over. Mom put the oils on my Dad s back and feet and once a week I gave him a raindrop.

My dad gave up the Ninga Red after only one try. He said it upset his stomach. I tried to get him to take less, or take it with food, but he would have nothing more to do with it. The first thing we did notice, however, was that within 3-4 days the sores on his face had healed and were completely gone.

In a little less than three weeks after starting the oils my Dad went back to the doctor for more tests. His PSA count had dropped to 118. The doctor tried to reason why it had happened, saying that sometimes when people go off the one drug the count drops for a while. What my Dad didn t tell the doctor was that the drug had been making him sick so he had gone off of it almost two months before.

Shortly after his doctor visit Dad was outside and slipped on the ice and fell, pulling a groin muscle making it so he could not lay on my massage table. So we started doing the raindrop in the sitting position. He tried the oils on the sore groin muscle, but even the V-6 did not get the fire out fast enough. He is still having problems with the pulled muscle.

Two weeks after the first doctor visit he went back for more blood work and tests. The PSA had gone up to 130. About the same time his back started to break out and itch. My folks became somewhat discouraged.

We quit giving the raindrops and only applied the oils to his feet. About this time he fell on the ice again this time cracking some ribs. He was unable to get up and lay in the snow for about half-an-hour before he could get my Mom s attention so she could get some help for him.

The oils were now starting to make his feet itch, especially between the toes, but he allowed the oils to be placed on the lower part of his feet. The tests show that most of the cancer is in his lower back, so as for now we are still on target.

I ve tried to explain that the itching is just the body trying to get rid of the toxins and have suggested he drink more water, but he says he has to get up too many times during the night already and he isn t going to drink more.

Cancer in Remission

It has now been two months sense he started on the oils and he went back to the doctor again. His PSA count has dropped to 103 and the doctors say the cancer is in remission. My Dad has told him what they are doing and the doctor just said Well, keep doing it, and we will see you in two months.”

In December Dad had no energy and could only walk a couple hundred yards before he had to sit down. Now on a sunny day, when he can walk where there is no ice, he will walk about a mile before he tires.

Even with all the setbacks and problems the count is going down, and my Dad is getting stronger. All I can say is that the oils work. I think we have to remember that when fighting a disease we have to be aggressive, in fact more aggressive than the disease we are fighting.

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