Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy, or CST, uses very light touch to release restrictions in the membranes around the brain and spinal cord. CST enhances central nervous system performance and allows the body to self-correct. It focuses on the cerebrospinal fluid that is continuously circulating throughout the body and providing a cushion for the brain and spinal cord. As craniosacral fluid is produced in the ventricles of the brain it creates a pulse all its own – the craniosacral rhythm. Just as breath and blood circulation would cause a problem if hindered, so would cerebrospinal fluid and it shows up in pain, muscle tension, or other symptoms.

This bodywork was developed in 1970 by osteopathic surgeon, John Upledger, who discovered that the spinal column throbbed with a rhythm separate from that of breath or heart rate, the craniosacral rhythm. CST can alleviate pain and stress and can effectively facilitate change in situations like week-long migraines, TMJD, sinus problems, insomnia, autism, stuffy ears, scoliosis, post-surgery healing, and any other chronic pain. It has been used to effectively treat cerebral palsy, nervous disorders, some forms of paralysis, and depression.

Recent stroke victims, those with cerebral aneurysm, brain-stem tumor, head injury or internal cranial bleeding would not be good candidates for this type of bodywork.

“…there seems to be a constantly-changing list of ’popular’ human maladies. It is though we have a need to suffer…”
– Dr. John Upledger, DO

Dr. Upledger notes that back in the 60’s business executives suffered from peptic ulcers, creatively frustrated housewives from depression, and blue collar workers from hemorrhoids. In the 80’s antacids marked the upwardly mobile while today the male has a coronary bypass scar and the woman oral appliances…the “badge of her TMJ.” Rather than brush off these symptoms as passing fads, Upledger regards them seriously disagreeing with their overdiagnosis. He mentions that TMJD was called Costen’s Syndrome in 1936. The Upledger Institute finds again and again that CST is highly effective in treating these symptom trends of different decades.

Receiving regular craniosacral therapy sessions, “layers” that have developed throughout life (from accidents, injuries, bumps, falls, illnesses, surgery, stress, etc) are slowly be peeled away, just as one would peel away layers of an onion. Some sessions you will find pain relief while other sessions could bring up emotions or memories long forgotten. It is for this reason that trusting the process is a must as is trusting the therapeutic relationship between you and your therapist.

Aim to strengthen your health! Approach health care proactively rather than as a fireman would a burning building…with high pressure water hose and ax. Make good choices daily to usurp major catastrophe. Eat right. Exercise to counteract stress. Minimize environmental toxins. Address facial and muscle restrictions in the body with massage regularly. And watch yourself soar!



“I really wanted to thank you.  Alessandro has been doing a lot better. The pain seems to have gone away, and he is now a normal baby that seems to cry when he’s hungry, or needs to burp, just as a baby should do. He seems to be a little fussy today, but I know that’s normal for babies too. We’re so happy that he’s feeling better.  Today his colic seemed greatly reduced to a discomfort which was very manageable.  We were able to distract him most of the time from his discomfort.  This has been a great relief for us, as we felt like we were all able to get some much-needed rest.  Thank you soooo much for your help.  Woohoo!”
-Dalia (Orlando, FL)

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity:

“You are such a special light in our family.  Thank you so much for being there for Alex.”
– Blair (Celebration, FL)


“After a pretty full weekend, Sunday night brought along an unusually tough migraine. I normally use a prescription, so I took my medication and waited…and waited. After three doses (I usually take only one) and a long day at work on Monday with little relief, I called Monica on Tuesday about a craniosacral therapy session. When I left her office, I already felt so much better. She took the time to talk with me and explain what might be going on and what I should expect. By the next morning, I had complete relief. The best part of the therapy is no hangover the next day (if you have migraines, you know what I’m talking about). I usually feel like a truck hit me after a bad migraine, but none of that. You saved my week. Now it is one week later, I still feel great. Thank you to Monica for her professionalism and caring manner.”
– Denise (Clermont, FL)


“After playing golf for six years, I suddenly began to experience severe sciatic pain on my left side. One massage by Monica helped the ‘pain go away.’ She is also a very nice and caring person.”
– Betty (St. Cloud, FL)

“Thank you for checking in on me. The acute stabbing pain has subsided and I am almost able to stand completely upright. I can’t thank you enough for the relief!”
– Gina (Sea Grit, NJ)

“Ever since you worked on my lower back, I have not had anymore of the pain that I used to get. I used to think that deep pressure was the only way to get rid of pain, but you really showed me how light pressure can work too! My pain has not been back.”
– G.M. (Celebration, FL)

Sensory Processing:

My son walks out of class without hassle and says good bye to his teacher now.  I have seen stillness in his body that he has not had.  Craniosacral Therapy has helped him improve relationally as we address his SPD.  I want to tell parents who don’t realize that CST and massage can help in calming down or grounding their hyperactive or sensitive child that it can!”
– Paola (Celebration, FL)


“I have only ever had deep tissue massage. Monica cradled my head and I kept waiting for something to happen. She explained what was happening during regular intervals. I have scoliosis and have a lot of neck pain. Gradually, my neck muscles began to lengthen and become less tight. Monica explained that I was the one initiating all the movement, she was just following my lead. My head began to feel very heavy as my muscles slowly relaxed. I Felt the pain lessening. It truly was a unique experience, and I believe regular sessions will eventually help the pain.”
– Rosemary (Celebraion, FL)

Health and Emotional Healing:

“My first massage with Monica was more of a whole body healing than just working on muscles. Monica is able to GENTLY achieve great results and work deeply on the muscles without the usual pain and soreness that I have experienced during and after other massages. Craniosacral Therapy was new to me, but I literally felt release in areas that I didn’t even know were a problem. Those 70 minutes were the highlight of my week. Monica has a very calming and healing prescence, which added to the trust and relaxation I experienced.”
– Jean (Davenport, FL)

“Thanks for the work on my shoulder, you do magic.  It is definitely 75% better.  I will need to look at making another appointment down the road for more work on it. I have had this issue for many years so did not expect it to go away completely in one session.  I will be in touch to schedule a time.”
– Judy (Celebration, FL)

“My sinuses have been draining and I can take deep breaths for the first time in a long time.  You addressed all the areas I needed and we did not even discuss it.  Amazing!  The emotions that I experienced internally during the session have moved through and I have much more peace.”
– L.B. (Celebration, FL)

“My mom woke this morning with a smile because her shoulder pain is gone!!”
– Blair (Celebration, FL)


“I’ve been suffering with migraines for years but the last couple of months I have been suffering at least 4 to 6 days straight with no relief even with prescriptions doctors have given me. After I told the doctor at the pain clinic that his procedure didn’t help me at all he again just gave me more pills which didn’t help me once again. For once in my life since 1992 I never thought that I would feel the relief I do today. I feel so blessed to have found you.”
– Karen (Celebration, FL)

Work-related Pain:

“My chiropractor really noticed the difference the Craniosacral had on my body. Monica does a terrific job with this relaxing and gentle type of massage. My wrists and back have bothered me for a long time. The mouth work is very different. It made my mouth bigger which is good because I tend to have a small mouth. Monica at Rosewood Holistic Health, a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in Celebration, Florida, did a wonderful job of helping me. She is a caring and professional, her prices are more than reasonable, and her office is very conveniently located. If you are looking for a massage therapist in Celebration, Orlando, or near Walt Disney World, I would highly recommend Monica.”
– Herb (Celebration, FL)


“I can breathe better!”
– Connie (Celebration, FL)

“I played golf last weekend without any breathing issues.”
– Herschel (Celebration, FL)

“I walked 3 miles that day I had the sinus stuff done.  I felt so much energy and for the first time since I can remember I could breathe!  I felt like I could take in more oxygen.”
– Lianna (Honduras)

“I am feeling better. Still have symptoms of cold, but not so congested that I’m getting headaches. No problems with foot/ankle.  I’m very happy with the whole experience. “
– Heather (Dr. Phillips, FL)
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