Dental Implant Care

by: Deborah Lynne Carlton

Following a final tooth extraction in January of 2009, the next step was the placement of two titanium posts in the lower jaw where molars once resided. For this procedure the surgeon drills down into the jaw about 3/8ths of an inch, placing the screw-threaded posts with a cap on it. This will remain for approximately 3 months while the bone knits around the posts, before placing the “abutment” that will hold the temporary tooth and eventually the final tooth.

I have never been at ease with receiving dental work. No matter how routine or complex the event, my hands are clenched, body tense, breath shallow for every second that I’m not monitoring and reminding myself to relax … it is exhausting emotionally and physically though it does help when you find an excellent surgeon who you feel good about.

Here is what I used to support myself through this process. I should add that I have been pain free post procedure and onward and used only oils — no Tylenol, no pain meds. Honest!

PLEASE NOTE: The following oils are therapeutic singles and blends from Young Living. Do not run out and purchase retail oils at natural food stores and bath shops and expect them to provide these benefits. Most commercially available essential oils have been distilled with chemicals, and diluted with antifreeze which may render toxic reactions.

Prior to Procedure

VALOR (blend) a few drops on the jaw, back of neck, bottom of feet. This is an alignment blend that supports one’s electrical/nervous system, which certainly takes some stress during oral surgery. It also enhances confidence, which I can definitely use!

OREGANO & THYME- 3 drops each on the bottom of feet with a dab at base of skull. This is for immune strength and infection fighting properties, since this is important with any surgery, and the immune system receives a lot of stress from surgical procedures and the related tension/worry/fatigue.

PEACE & CALMING (Blend)- a drop on back of neck, under nose, inhaled. This blend is calming and sedating to the nervous system – good medicine for overactive children, people who suffer from anxiety and people who really dislike oral surgery.

Post Procedure

TRAUMA LIFE (Blend)- This blend is to negate the imprint of trauma on the emotional center of the brain and immune system. Any surgery is received as a trauma, and this tends to send off a domino effect throughout the body systems. I placed a drop on the rims of my ears and gently massaged in – an excellent delivery point for those issues.

DEEP RELIEF (Blend)- This is a new roll on blend for pain and muscle spasm. I rolled it directly onto my jaw, on the sides and underneath. and also on my tense neck. The oils quickly penetrate into the tissue and deliver oxygen and healing chemistry. I used this blend for the next week and truly had no pain. Awoke with a twinge or two some mornings, forgot to use it after a while.

LAVENDER – Also rubbed lavender on my face and jaw to help move out swelling and provide general healing resource. Since the implants were on both sides, I received double Novocain, whole lower face numb, etc. The oils actually push the Novocain out quicker and keep it from swelling more.

CLOVE – The dental community is long acquainted with the benefits of clove, both for numbing pain and providing anti-infectious compounds. I use a glass dropper, taking up a drop of Clove oil and releasing it around the tooth site and gums.

WINTERGREEN- Good for bone tissue, I have been using wintergreen the same way as clove during that important bone generating phase post surgery.


I also used additional oils for their anti-microbial properties and took probiotics and enzymes. I immediately visited my chiropractor (same day as procedure) who is excellent at realigning the jaw, neck and stuff, which sometimes gets wonky after dental work and exacerbates discomfort, along with supporting other systems that sometimes shut down due to shock from surgery. Not everyone’s system responds this way, but apparently mine does. I use a personal far infrared sauna most days, in combination with oils that are applied before entering with excellent results.

* Therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living were utilized in this application. EO’s from bath shops and natural foods stores are often perfume grade and thus may not yield therapeutic results. Perfume grade oils have been rendered toxic by the distillation method, fillers, chemical extractants, etc. and may cause adverse reactions.

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