Fighting Nail Fungus with Essential Oil

Pretty Toenails In Spite Of Nail Fungus

YUCK – an acronym for the common symptoms of nail infections how we feel when we see our nails troubled with fungus!

Y Yellow discoloration of the nail bed
U Under the nail bed, a buildup of skin
C Cracking of the nail
K Keratinization, or thickening of the nail

Regarding nail fungus in general…

If a fungus is on a toe, its highly likely that its present somewhere else in the body.

  • If you’ve ever had yeast infections, athletes feet, or jock itch for example, you will be apt to get fungal infections on the nails.
  • Make sure the foods that you are eating are more alkaline (fruits and veg) to balance the body so the unwanted fungus can’t take up residence. Stay away from acid producing foods, such as sugar, refined carbohydrates,coffee and alcohol.
  • There are over the counter topical creams and often they are full of chemicals you want to stay away from.

Anti-fungal Foods

–Brussel Sprouts

Anti-fungal Supplements

–Grapefruit seed extract
–Oregano essential oil
–Pau d’arco herb and tea

Natural Topical Application Options:

–therapeutic essential oils
–vitamin E oil
–castor oil
–Vicks VapoRub

Some ways to use these:

Castor Oil: “Horny” Toe Nail is a common problem especially in  the elderly. It’s a toe nail that is large, angled, and difficult  to trim.  Soak feet in Epsom salts for 15 minutes every night, and then  wrap toe in a castor oil soaked gauze.  Put a sock on.

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Use one of these directly on the affected toe:
–Melaleuca (Tea Tree)
–Mix tea tree with lavender
–Mix tea tree with mountain savory
You can use about 5 drops of these oils.
Use directly on the site, or dilute with Vitamin E oil.

Use the Young Living Blends of Melrose, Thieves, and Purification.

Vicks VapoRub as a remedy?

When Vicks hit the market decades ago, people were using it for  everything, including fungal nail infections.

The magic of Vicks is the eucalyptus!  Vicks has essential oils in it.  Essential oils are naturally anti-microbial and can get rid of  any unwanted microbes in their environment, including fungus.

Now Make Them Pretty Paint them anyway. But be sure to take off your nail polish  regularly and reapply.  It gives you the opportunity to follow its healing course.

You have to pay more attention to your toenails when you are  working on getting rid of a fungus.  Cleaning, soaks, oil applications, and regularly taking off your  polish and reapplying it will take time.

Stay with it, its worth it.

Essential Oil Tip: Nail Fungus

I have heard umpteen testimonials from folks who were  fighting nail fungus and beat it with essential oils.

Those that it “didn’t work for” just did not stay with  the program! You need patience but it works.

If it was me, I would use oregano directly on the nail  at least once a day – maybe twice (morning and night).  I would use just one to two drops on the affected area.

If you don’t like smelling like oregano but you want to  get rid of the fungus – get over it!  It will be worth it, just tell your friends that you got a part time job in an Italian restaurant!

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