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Massage FAQ

What massage and ‘deep tissue and should massage hurt?
How can I make the effects from my massage last longer?
What is Myofascial Release and fascia?
What is Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage?  What is involved in a session?
What is body brushing?

Aromatherapy FAQ

Cooking with Essential Oils
Distinguishing Between Products
Essential Oils Around the Home
Sensitivities To Essential Oils
Essential Oils for: Home and Pet
Guidelines for Essential Oil Use
Aromatherapy and Cancer



Monica’s Youtube Channel:  Celebrating Homesteading

Tender joints
Emotional roots to pain
Maintaining a Healthy Liver
Fighting Infection
Healthy eyes
Nail Fungus
Dental Implants
Warding Off (Swine) Flu
Combating Head Lice Naturally
Toxins to Avoid
Drinking Water
Free-range, chemical-free, non-GMO

Optimal Health Tips
Safer Health Care
Prevent Medical Errors
Hidden Toxins in Clothing
Limiting the Effects of Stress
Release Emotion and Pain Disappears

Site Disclaimer

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