Therapeutic Bodywork has mistakenly been associated soley with pain and sports. But don’t forget, relaxation is therapeutic too! I have learned that a clear understanding of what a client needs, as well as attentively listening to the body tissues with my hands, allows me to deliver the appropriate technique with the right amount of pressure. Skillfully applied massage and various modalities can alliviate muscle soreness, increase range of motion, and lessen migraines, TMJD, and fibromyalgia pain. I want to help chronic pain sufferers of all kinds. Relief is just a phone call away. More…

“Because of stress I was having a hard time swallowing. I could feel the tension in my neck and throat. Monica performed gentle massage around my neck, face, and mouth. Now I can swallow much more easily.” Herb (Celebration, FL)

Craniosacral Therapy enhances function within the system of membranes and fluids surrounding the central nervous system. Gentle pressure facilitates the body’s natural healing process helps to ease pain. Due to the complimentary nature of craniosacral therapy, it is perfect for infants and children, trauma survivors (including adoption, car accidents, severe falls, etc), and acute or chronic pain. Let craniosacral therapy get to the root of your pain so you can feel better. I can help you strengthen your health so that you can better handle crisis. Make bodywork part of your proactive health plan. Don’t wait until pain overwhelms you. More…

“I finally feel relief from fibromyalgia pain that started in 1992.” Karen (Celebration, FL)

Visceral Manipulation
Bodywork’s Missing Link
Liver. Gall Bladder. Small and Large Intestines. Stomach.

Ionic Foot Baths
Rejuvinate tired feet

Ear Candling
Relaxing and painless

Support and stability

Aromatherapy is one of the oldest methods of holistic healing, used to rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit with the use of essential oil. Aromas not only treat our physical bodies but also elevate our state of mind, influencing our emotions and behavior. More…Massage and aromatherapy compliment each other perfectly! Together they reduce muscle tension, improve circulation and release endorphins. Inducing the feeling of well-being through the comfort of human touch and 100% therapeutic essential oils can transform emotions and facilitate healing in our bodies.I am proud to use Young Living Essential Oils in my treatment sessions. I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for several years with astonishing results. As a distributor I buy products 25% off retail and get the inside scoop on all new Young Living products. I would be delighted to have you join my growing YL team, Team Synergy.“I am extremely impressed with Monica’s skill, intuition, and manner. She ranks among the best therapists whom I have encountered thus far. I highly recommend the aromatherapy. I was transcendent after my last 90 min session; the therapeutic benefits dissolved the tension of a stressful month.” Kelli (Longwood, FL)

“We had a problem with thousands of ants marching around a garage window. I sprayed an essential oil mixture from Monica on them and the next morning they were gone! I’m glad that we were able to get rid of the ants in a way that was quick, effective, and also healthy for us and the environment.” (Ocala, FL)

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