Infant Massage Class for Caregivers

Cute-Black-Baby-Pictures2Did you know…
…that massage aids in neurological development, boosting IQ?

…that massage has been shown to speed up mylenation during the first 3 years of an infant’s life?

…that massage enhances the stability of the nervous system and resistance to disease?

…that massage aids in bonding?

…that massage builds trust?

…that massage aids in reduction of cortisol and helps an infant tolerate stress?

…that massage may provide relief for discomfort associated with gas, constipation, colic, and reflux?

…that massage helps caregivers become aware of their baby’s verbal and non-verbal cues?

Infant massage is beneficial both for baby and caregiver.
Anecdotal information and research shows many short and long term benefits.

Call for a Private Class


1. Cancellations – at least ONE WEEK PRIOR to start of series for full refund otherwise non-refundable and any social media coupon is forfeited.

2. Register every caregiver attending. For example, mom and dad with one child = 2 registrations.

3. One child per adult.  No additional children permitted.  More…

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