Optimal Health Tips

By Robert DeMaria DC, NHD

1. Start your day by detoxifying liver with a HOT CUP of water with a wedge of lemon.

The lemon activates bile flow and stimulates your bowels. Drink water from a pure source. Spring water and reverse osmosis water are preferred. The water formula for the day would be to take your body weight and divide it by two. That is the amount of HALF OUNCES of water to be consumed everyday. Other wise — Drink a minimum of one quart of water everyday. No more than one-hundred ounces daily.

2. Eat your ABCT’s everyday.

APPLE: Stoke your digestive system with a sauteed warm stewed sweet one-half organic apple with 2 cloves. Don’t eat the cloves. Cloves add heat and circulation to the stomach. Apples thin the bile and provide bulk for bowel function. Apples have a high ORAC, or the ability to combine with free radicals. Or eat your apple in the morning with a tablespoon of Almond butter, the only neutral pH nut that supplies the much needed calcium building block for bone.
BEETS: Accelerate the function of the liver and can lower cholesterol forty percent naturally. Beets also help thin bile. Beets have a natural anti-stiffness factor. The commonly seen bronzing dark spots on the left facial cheek (liver spots) will vanish over time with beets. If your cholesterol is chemically forced lower with medication, the negative bad effects can create other health issues like erectile dysfunction, cancer and Alzheimer’s
CARROTS: Provide precursor food to make Vitamin A and potassium in the body needed for liver function. A also is important for skin health, the largest organ in the body. Floaters in your eyes will disappear with a carrot a day.
TURMERIC: By far the biggest single not commonly known weapon to fight off cancer. One-fourth teaspoon daily grated or sprinkled on your mixed green salad (never iceberg) provides your body with the anti-cancer nutrients for a healthy strong system; turmeric in the raw looks like ginger in the vegetable section of your grocer. You can find it in the herb and spice section.

3. Protein sourced and mid range glycemic foods for breakfast would be best to go into the furnace of your machine first to run most efficient without the highs and lows of to much insulin.

(The glycemic value is how fast sugar enters into the cells). Second your blood sugar will stay steady through the day without relentless cravings for refined carbohydrates and sugar that paralyze your immune system. Focus on items such as almond butter on apple pieces. Organic high Omega 3 eggs are your friend. Organic deli meats stimulate blood sugar slowly. Barley and oatmeal with almonds, coconut, flax seed and other nuts are logical morning fuel. You are a fine tuned machine that needs the right octane.

4. The thyroid gland is a very significant part of your machine responsible for many necessary functions.

It is the gas pedal to the body. You can easily monitor how it is doing by taking your or arm pit temperature periodically if you have the following body signals: cold hands and feet, coarse thin hair, morning headaches that wear off as the day goes on, constipation, elevated cholesterol, and thinning hair on the outer part of your eye brows. Have a thermometer ready by your night stand. When you first awake put the thermometer in your arm pit, lay there for ten minutes. The temperature should be 97.8 or above, it is less than that start with Kelp tablets four to six daily for three months. Kelp has a history of being able to lower high blood pressure naturally. Eat your beets and take your flax oil. Your thyroid needs an optimal functioning liver and oil to function at one hundred percent. Add iodine rich Celtic Sea Salt….shun commercial grade table salt. Chlorine from municipal treated water found in tap water, shower and pool can stress your thyroid. Take a minimum of 12 mg of IODINE a day…go slow…start with Prolamine Iodine® one tablet or 3mg daily for a week, then 6mg the next week or two tablets, then 9mg or 3 tablets daily the next week, 12mg a day or 4 daily. Continue on with either 4 Prolamine Iodine® daily or 1 Iodarol® daily which has 12mg per tablet. I would alter the product every other bottle. A shower de-chlorinator is critical to get the extra HALIDE Poisons out of your life which include Fluorine, Chlorine or bromine that interfere with iodine metabolism.

5. Avoid fruit during the day.

Do not finish your meals with fruit salad. Fruit, which is a carbohydrate, literally sits on the food that is digesting in your stomach that is being worked on by different enzymes. It will putrefy resulting in indigestion and even an alcoholic liver. How often are you in a FOG after eating? Sweet fruits like bananas, raisins, grapes, pineapple and any dried fruit can create overloading stress on your blood sugar control system.

6. Do you crave Salt? Does bright light bother your eyes? Do you have dizziness a problem from sit to stand? Does your spine “go out easy”?

You may have Adrenal gland stress. The Adrenal gland is your fuel pump, supplying the resources necessary that have been placed on it by the demand of the gas pedal thyroid. Your adrenal glands located on top of the kidneys. They control, minerals, blood sugar hormones, male and female hormones plus make natural cortisone. They are stressed in most achievers, and are very necessary to have optimal health. Avoiding refined grain products and sweet fruits help relieve the adrenal gland from over working. Focus on more protein to keep your blood sugar consistent.

7. Left neck and left mid back pain with shoulder blade pain is commonly precipitated by ALL dairy products, sweet fruits and SUGAR…..it is a referral from the internal organs in the body…especially the pancreas.

8. Tender breasts and heavy menstrual flow…often resulting in life altering hysterectomies is predominantly precipitated by to much ESTROGEN.

Spider veins in the legs and hemorrhoids are also affected by this physiology. Eat your beets and apples and take a whole food B vitamin. B vitamins are needed to process ESTROGEN in the LIVER. You also want to have good Adrenal function to make progesterone to balance the estrogen, and enough iodine…..Ovaries need iodine. Ovaries also make progesterone to balance the over abundance of estrogen found in our environment. Men also can be affected by the over abundance of xenohormones or fake estrogen found in our chemical based society. Black Cohash, a popular herb for females, has been proven to lower blood pressure.

9. Men, pain on the inside of the heels, waking often to urinate in the night and incomplete urine evacuation may suggest prostate swelling that can be relieved by eating ZINC rich food like nuts including: walnuts, sunflower seeds, cashews, pumpkin seeds and also lean beef.

Avoid soy, which depletes the body of ZINC. EVERYONE….. Does your brain race at night and your body is exhausted…? It could be a deficiency of ZINC. White spots on finger nails and large facial pores are a body signal for low zinc. People who are always tired generally have low zinc. Zinc is necessary for memory, insulin and healing. A simple test with zinc sulfate can help determine if you have enough zinc available in your system.

10. You can increase your calcium by eating sesame seeds, almonds, and mixed greens.

Leg cramps at night, poison ivy, colds and cold sores are common body signals for a calcium deficient diet. AVOID digestive aides that are marketed as sources of calcium. Focus on calcium citrate or lactate and not calcium from digestive aide products. Always consume calcium on an empty stomach. Sugar and stress deplete calcium.

11. Engines need the right oil to run according to the manufacturer’s schedule.

Omega 3 Flax Oil provides the precursors needed by the body for cellular membrane function. Take one tablespoon of flax per 100 pounds daily. DO NOT heat flax oil; use it on your salad or add it to any food. Omega 3 fats help prevent body pain, heart disease, ADHD, Alzheimer and depression issues plus so much more. Do NOT use salmon or other fish oil consistently if you bruise easily and/or if you take aspirin and blood thinners. If you squeeze your wrist and it feels squishy it may be a sign to make sure you are taking your flax. You may be having some food allergy issues with fluid retention. Flax oil improves absorption of nutrients in the intestine. Squishy wrists may result with poor digestion. Aspirin is not a vitamin and margarine is not a food.

12. DO NOT EAT ANY FOOD OR FOOD SUBSTANCE that is artificial or a substitute.

Your already over-worked liver has to process the item to eliminate from causing additional distress. Splenda® is chlorinated sugar. Consume as much ORGANIC food that you possibly can because according to US Federal law is not supposed to contain genetically modified ingredients. AVOID GMO (genetically modified foods). The Word says in Genesis to eat from SEED bearing plants.

13. Actively complete erect posture exercises daily.

Reverse head slides and door jam push ups will improve posture increasing oxygen flow in the lungs. Cancer, viruses and bacteria DO NOT THRIVE in an oxygen environment. You will rest better and not be stopped with colds and flu. Peppermint leaf is an excellent natural herb used to keep unfriendly micro-organisms under control; another benefit of peppermint is it accelerates the much needed bile flow.

15. Proper pH or acid [vinegar] alkaline [baking soda] levels are necessary for an active healthy life.

Generally a slightly morning alkaline level is best. Cancer cells, bacteria and viruses thrive in an acid environment. Human physiology results in an acid state. You MUST eat alkaline foods to create an elevated or alkaline pH. Sugar, grains and stress result in acid. Veggies and fruit provide nutrients for alkaline. We have patients test themselves first thing in the morning with pH paper, before they get up and get out of bed. Good breathing posture also will blow off acid. Erect posture is critical for optimal health.

16. Does a Latte, Cappuccino or steamy cup of hot coffee keep you up at night?

Then eat your beets. My experience suggests that if caffeine has you counting sheep, then your liver is not efficiently capable of processing it. If you drink decaffeinated coffee, make sure it is organic, Swiss water processed, that does not use harsh chemicals to get the caffeine out.


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