The Best Way to Fight Infection

1. Use paper towels to adjust water temperature.
2. Wet hands, forearms, and elbows. Keep hands lower than elbows at all times during washing.
3. Clean under nails with anail brush before washing hands.
4. Use a pump dispenser to dispense soap.
5. Generate lather on hands and rub soap up forearm in firm, ciruclar motion for 30 seconds. Include between fingers.
6. Friction from rubbing is essential to emulsify oils on skin and lift bacteria and dirt from skin’s surface. Unwanted impurities become suspended in lather and are rinsed away.
7. Rinse thoroughly. Allow water to run from finger to elbows, ensuring hands are the most sanitary area.
8. Use paper towels to dry hands, shut off faucet, and open any doors.Once your hands are washed there are other things that you can do to ensure your protection, naturally…

The expression “There is no cure for the common cold!” is a popular phrase because most colds and flus are viral infections, not bacterial infections. Antibiotics, the only arsenal that conventional medicine has for infections, work only on bacterial infections and ineffective against viral infections – execpt for a few anti-viral meds that are extremely toxic to the liver.

Essential oils, however, are very effective in filling this gap. Essential oils come from a variety of plants that have many amazing healing properties which include naturally fighting viruses. I am specifically speaking about ‘therapeutic grade essential oils”, not perfume grade oils found in stores and promoted through the English Model of Aromatherapy.

When used, essential oils create an environment where pathogenic organisms like viruses, fungus, and other bad bacteria and flu-bugs (yes, maybe even the swine flu) cannot survive. And accessing excellent essential oils is key. I find Young Living Oils the best yet.

I have had the flu and used YL oils. I’ve also had experiences with other stubborn viruses (like Shingles) and have used Young Living Oils which stopped a painful flare-up (within 24 hours).  If you are armed with an array of the Young Living Oils, and take other natural preventative measures to keep your immune system strong (like handwashing) – then you have ownership of the best kept secret to fight colds and the flu.

Here’s to a healthy winter season free of colds and flu!

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