Warding off the (Swine) Flu

During cold & flu season and we are exposed all kinds of flu viruses. Colds can be caused by over 100 different types of viral pathogens, and flu viruses continually mutate from year to year. This makes it difficult for you to develop immunity to these ailments. But you can start by doing the following things:
Decrease sugar! Sugar paralyzes your immune system.

Use Sea Salt. It contains minerals and nutrients. You want your body to be alkaline!! Stress creates an acid environment in your body. When one is under stress, the body’s defense mechanisms burn up minerals.

Increase Calcium.The Flu is caused by a virus. Viruses, including those that cause cold sores and summer and winter colds, develop when one is low in calcium. Stress depletes calcium. Too much sun, low calcium intake, and not enough Vitamin D translates into low calcium in your system. Anti-biotics will not help!!

Other ways to prevent the Flu:

  • Agrisept-L a citric seed extract – 10 drops daily in 8oz water
  • Peppermint Essential Oil – 5 drops in water 3x/day
  • Calcium Lactate – 250-1200mg daily on empty stomach

Dr. Valnet points out that pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria do not become resistant to essential oils as they do to modern-day synthetic antibiotic drugs. He states, “Infectious microbes do not appear to become accustomed to the essential oils as they do to the many forms of treatment using antibiotics.” One reason virus and bacteria cannot mutate with the essential oils is because of the chemical constituents that make up essential oils. One essential oil can have anywhere from 200- 800 chemical constituents. It is impossible for a virus to mutate and adapt to that many chemical constituents. Drugs are made by isolating one or two constituents. A virus can easily mutate and adapt to the drug, making it useless.

Thieves is a “must have” for everyone, especially during the cold and flu season. It was created from research about the thieves during the 16th century plague in England who rubbed oils all over their bodies to protect themselves while they were robbing the dead and dying. It is a proprietary blend of pure essential oils tested at Weber State University for its potent germ killing properties. Thieves was found to have a 99.96 percent kill rate against airborne bacteria.

Hundreds of Scientific Reports Confirm Antimicrobial Action of Essential Oils in Thieves Blend “In recent years (1987-2001) a large number of essential oils and their constituents have been investigated for their antimicrobial properties…in more than 500 reports.

Testing from Weber State University, found Thieves to have a 99.96 percent kill rate against airborne bacteria.

Influenza Salt and Soda Bath

2 drops Eucalyptus radiata
6 drops frankincense
3 drops blue cypress
6 drops spruce
15 drops ravensara
1 drop wintergreen

Stir the above oil thoroughly into 1C Epsom Salt. Add salt mixture to hot bath water while filling the tub with 1C baking soda. Soak until water cools, about 30 min.
**Tip: Prepare a cool glass of water and a cold face cloth for yourself and have them next to the tub. As you soak, sip water and apply cloth to forehead.

Essential Oils Known for Antiviral Properties

Eucalyptus blue
Eucalyptus globulus
Eucalyptus citriatora
Eucalyptus polybractea
Eucalyptus radiata
Mountain Savory
Idaho Tansy

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