Treatment Options

Craniosacral Therapy (30 or 70 min)

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) facilitates the body’s natural healing process helps to ease pain. A few of many symptoms successfully addressed with CST include: migraines, chronic pain, scoliosis, colic, strabismus, TMJD, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, TBI, paralysis, post-adoption and attachment issues.  More…

“I recommend Monica’s massage packages. They are a great way to alleviate chronic issues that occasional treatment cannot adequately address. Monica builds can build on therapy done closer together, thus achieving long term relief.”
– Joan (Clermont, FL)

Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage Protocol (50 min)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), enhances lymph production, facilitates
detoxing, and speeds up lymphangiomotoricity.  All treatments are done hands-on without the aid of electrical devices.  We have found this to most effective and for clients.  Clients like the personalization!
Body brushing or dry skin brushing treatment is also available.  Click here for thorough explanation of MDL and treatment options available…

Therapeutic Bodywork (30 or 70 min)

Schedule this session if you are looking for either a relaxation massage or if you have specific issues you would like the therapist to address.  A combination of modalities like Craniosacral Therapy, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, traditional swedish massage, visceral manipulation, lymphatic drainage, kinesiotaping, and aromatherapy customize your session. The body functions as a unit and sessions often require working seemingly unassociated areas. Please be assured that the therapist will listen to your concerns, assess your need, and administer the best bodywork to address those concerns.

“When leaving FL for the long ride back to PA, Monica kinesiotaped on my neck and upper shoulders giving me hours of relief from pain.  It helped to support my neck while driving.”
– Marlene (Swathmore, PA)

Stuffy Ear and Sinus Treatment (70 min)

Beeswax covered muslin

Treatment begins with relaxing ear candling in both ears and is followed with soothing craniosacral and lymphatic treatment specifically geared toward the ears, sinuses, chest cavity, and inside the mouth if indicated. Allow 10 min for each addiional candle.

Candling may help with headaches, allergies, sinus conditions, and ear infections.  Minor hearing loss due to excessive earwax build up might also be helped. It is not beneficial if you have any damage to the eardrum, ear tubes, congenital hearing loss, acute mastoiditis, or recent surgical procedures to the ear.

Suspect ear infection? Ear candling isn’t a substitute for doctor advice.

From those who have experienced relief from candling, enough can’t be said about its effectiveness!

Ionic Detox Foot Bath (40 min)

Water with its innate ability to contain and conduct electricity can either be ‘ionized’ (negatively charged and full of energy) or ‘depleted’ (positively charged and empty of energy). The foot bath is a bioelectrical device that uses electricity and water to energize the body and promote detoxing through the pores of the feet.  A full body detox that leaves you feeling alive and your feet feeling rejuvenated!

Raindrop Therapy (70 min)

This application treatment of eight Young Living essential oils to stimulate the central nervous system thereby influencing all body systems, boosting the immune system, enhancing wellness, and promoting detoxification.  More…

Infant Massage for Caregivers (set of 4 30 min classes)

Offered in the comfort of your own home with immediate caregivers  or as a small gathering of close friends and their babies.    Truly a one-of-a-kind gift for mommy and daddy-to-be!  Read more…
(Onsite pricing applies)

Onsite Massage and Aromatherapy Parties

Get a group of ladies together, share a bottle of wine, and unwind or arrange a unique birthday experience for a young girl and her friends.  Experience proves that groups of 10 or fewer are best. (Onsite pricing applies)

Water Craniosacral Therapy

A 360 degree treatment!

Float on the surface of the water with gentle support underneath. The 360 degree motion capability allows clients to turn and shift in the water as their body releases restriction.

Bathing suits are worn. Clients need not know how to swim as treatment is carefully administered in shallow water at all times. Noodles and ear/nose plugs might be helpful for some.
(Onsite pricing applies)


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